Why monitor vibration

Vibration analysis is a predictive maintenance technique and is a key component of a well-designed condition monitoring program.

The purpose of predictive maintenance is to reduce maintenance costs and downtime of rotating equipment (motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes, etc.) by detecting equipment failures before they happen, resulting in advance warnings of potential machine failure.

Unlike preventive maintenance, which is performed according to a pre-defined schedule, predictive maintenance results in maintenance tasks based on machine condition.

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Vibration Analysis 101

We have developed a simple guide to understand vibration and help you learn the basics of vibration analysis. What is vibration, waveform and spectrum; How is complex vibration transformed in a simple spectrum, are some of the questions answered.

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Predictive Maintenance Benefits

Some of the key benefits of predictive maintenance are:

  • Reduction or complete elimination of unplanned failures

  • Reduction of scheduled and unscheduled downtime (machine unavailability)

  • Increased equipment lifetime and extension of the operational life of machine components.

  • Reduction of condition assessment costs
    Vibration analysis doesn’t require stopping or dismantling a machine to determine its condition.

  • Reduction of energy consumption
    A machine that vibrates performs worse and consumes more energy.
    Planned repairs allow spending more time on identifying areas for improvement of machine performance and energy efficiency.

  • Reduction and potential elimination of collateral damages caused by machine failure.

  • Increase in safety and reduction of occupational hazards caused by equipment failures.

Start Monitoring Vibration with VibCloud

Vibration analysis helps you detect problems such as unbalance, misalignment, bearing faults and resonance conditions and is considered to be the cheapest and one of the most effective methods for assessing rotating equipment health.

VibCloud is an end-to-end solution that enables you to quickly record and analyse vibration data. Prolong your equipment life and reduce downtime at a low cost with VibCloud.