Quickly Collect and Analyse
Vibration Data

What is VibCloud

For Your Data Collection Team

Record high-quality vibration measurements

Record equipment vibration with Digiducer 333D01 - a high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric accelerometer. VibCloud also supports different ICP sensors upon request using USB Signal Conditioner.

Connect the vibration sensor to any Android or iOS device running the VibCloud application and record vibration with one tap of a button.

Mobile device requirements

Perform on-the-spot diagnosis

Analyse equipment vibration levels directly on the mobile device. Collect vibration at high sampling rate and frequency range of up to 20 kHz. Record and playback acceleration waveform and view FFT spectra - Acceleration, Velocity and Demodulation at high resolution of up to 12,800 lines. Evaluate vibration severity per the ISO10816 standard.

Collect data beyond vibration

Collect additional information spanning from simple text descriptions, responses and numerical data, to visual inspection images, machine GPS location and operator signature.
The type of data you collect is up to you - data points are pre-defined by route manager. Record data onsite using the mobile application or enter it manually at a later time through the VibCloud web user interface.

For Your Analysts

See your assets from a bird's eye view

See the big picture of all equipment with VibCloud's overview dashboard. Keep an eye on the condition trend of your critical equipment to prevent failures. Gain insight into prevalent types of failures and reasons why your equipment fails. View a summary of the most common actions you take on your equipment.

Easily locate your equipment

Visually locate all your monitored equipment on an interactive map. Quickly view condition trends or drill into further detail.

Assess equipment condition with advanced vibration analysis

Drill into collected vibration data with spectrum analysis right in your Web browser. Analyse vibration spectra individually or perform side-by-side analysis of data recorded at different dates across different equipment. Playback and download raw vibration waveform.
Record condition assessment based on your analysis directly in VibCloud - no separate tools required.

Create and share reports in seconds

Create customizable, white labeled, reports with a few clicks. Choose the required level of detail - from high-level condition assessment to in-depth vibration spectrum analysis. Download reports as a PDF file and deliver them to your clients or store them in VibCloud for later reference.

Download sample report

For Your Route Managers

Catalog equipment in a structured asset register

Register your equipment and components in a drag & drop location structure. Identify assets by GPS coordinates, barcodes, photos and more. Your data collection team can catalog unregistered assets on the go with the mobile application. Provide your data collection team with vendor documentation and instructions in asset document library.

Efficiently plan and manage inspection routes

Build inspection routes from scratch or from pre-configured, customizable, templates. Assign data collection practitioners to routes. VibCloud supports one-off, permanent and recurring inspections. Monitor progress of inspections and remotely complete routes on behalf of practitioners.

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Academic Licence

The Academic License is the typical way for academics, researchers, and students to get access to VibCloud solution. With full access, the Academic License empowers you to fully customise signal processing settings and analyse the outcomes. Jump right in with cloud access to powerful yet easy to use platform and design an ideal CBM strategy for a fictional client or industry generic.

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Do you need off route solution?
Try VibAnalyse, a powerful field vibration analyser

Create machines and measurement points as you go, no need for a pre-defined arrangement. Complete signal processing setup and vibration analysis are available on the field just by using the VibAnalyse app. Cloud-based data storage makes it easy to save, analyse and share findings.


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Don't require a comprehensive solution?

The VibeCheck mobile app with Digiducer 333D01 sensor enables on-the spot vibration measurement and spectrum analysis. Leverage the data collection power of VibCloud without its cloud capabilities (advanced analysis and route-based inspections).

Select your Subscription

Analyse icon
VIb Cloud icon
On-the-spot diagnosis
Analyse equipment vibration levels directly on the mobile device.
Basic reporting
Share automatically generated reports.
Non-vibration data points
Collect additional information - simple text, images, GPS location and more.
Advanced analysis & condition assessment
Drill into vibration data with spectrum analysis & record equipment condition.
Cloud support
Save, analyse and share findings with your colleagues.
Advanced reporting
Create and share customizable, white labeled, reports with a few clicks.
Route-based inspections
Efficiently plan and manage inspection routes.
Asset register & document library
Catalog equipment in a drag & drop asset register.
Overview dashboard
See the big picture & keep an eye on your critical equipment.
Interactive map
Visually locate all your monitored equipment on an interactive map.

System Requirements

Mobile device

Android 7.x+, iOS 9.0+
GPS, Camera, USB OTG adapter
Internet access (for cloud sync)
Verified devices

Workstation - Analysis & Management

Modern web browser (Chrome suggested)
Access to the Internet
VibCloud account (user name & password)