Academic License

Accelerate Vibration Monitoring and Analysis skills

The Academic License is the typical way for academics, researchers, and students to get access to VibCloud solution. With full access, the Academic License empowers you to fully customise signal processing settings and analyse the outcomes. Jump right in with cloud access to powerful yet easy to use platform and design an ideal CBM strategy for a fictional client or industry generic.


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No IT needed

VibCloud is a cloud-based solution and Academic License allows user to use any computer or mobile device. Students can continue with their work outside the classes, in their own convenience. No software installation on student or university computers.

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Working with your peers has never been easier and more convenient. Using VibCloud digital platform you can collaborate with your local or global team in real-time and automatically see the results.

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Low Cost

Get full VibCloud access to build structure, routes and analyse vibration data for one low price. iTnnovate grants software to academic institutions at a significant 50% discount of the normal cost.

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The Academic License has the flexibility to fit into any application in teaching, research or student design. Talk to us and find what is the best option for you.

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Get further discount from our partners

As a student, you'll get a 10% student discount when ordering the digital accelerometer or digital ICP - USB signal conditioner from our partners at The ModalShop and PCB

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Challenges \ Research

Dive into research and discover the beauty of engineering. Get in touch if you want to be part or it. Current themes:

  • Signal processing algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence diagnostics
  • Thermal imaging

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