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What is VibCloud?

VibCloud is cloud based, professional route-based vibration measurement solution. It is the future in vibration analysis and can replace all the existing bulky expensive and outdated data collectors.
It will help you to reduce breakdowns by easy implementation of vibration condition monitoring program and solving equipment problems.

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Why VibCloud?

VibCloud was developed by leading technical experts and industry collaboration with a focus on simplicity, end-user experience, functionality and affordability.
VibCloud is always kept up to date without a need for internal IT support.

Why monitor vibration

The VibCloud Difference

Lightning Fast
Globally Accessible

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Vibration measurement reinvented

Save time on data collection and perform on-the-spot diagnosis.

Our vibration measurement algorithm is designed for fast performance. The VibCloud app performs signal processing and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) while collecting data and is utilising the full processing capabilities of modern mobile devices. Vibration severity is automatically assessed using ISO 10816 or user defined alarms.

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Proven industry-grade vibration sensors

Take reliable, high-quality vibration measurements with just one click.

VibCloud is compatible with the Digiducer, a digital, high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric accelerometer, and the Digital ICP - USB Signal Conditioner, which enables the connection of various ICP sensors. Additionally, it supports the BluVib Peizo, an ultra-low-power, battery-operated, wireless sensor. Upon request, integration of other sensors is also an option.

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The power of latest mobile technologies

Get peak performance with the most up to date mobile platforms.

VibCloud apps run on the latest mobile hardware and operating systems, so it will always outperform any proprietary hardware. We guarantee to stay compatible with the latest version of Android and iOS, so you can always get the most out of your mobile device.

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Built for the cloud

Perform in-depth vibration analysis from anywhere in the world.

To analyse the data remotely you will only need a web browser and a VibCloud log in details. We take care of anything else. Enjoy analysis.

Pricing matches your need

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Low capital and operating costs

Benefit from simplified ownership of a hosted end-to-end solution.

VibCloud eliminates the need for an in-house IT effort and associated cost. With only 4hrs training you will be ready to log in the system, collect and analyse data.

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Flexible pricing

Start small and grow as your business grows.

Get started with any of the VibCloud product subscriptions. You can purchase additional or modify user subscriptions as you see fit your business.

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Freedom of choice

You decide on hardware and collection and analysis approach.

VibCloud gives you the freedom to use your own mobile devices and compatible vibration sensors. Analyse vibration data inhouse or outsource.


VibCloud is designed for you

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Condition Monitoring Service Providers

Serve all your clients with one scalable integrated solution. Sharpen your competitive edge. Equip clients to collect data and you take care of analysis. Choices are yours.

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Maintenance Service Providers

Include condition monitoring in your services offering. Investigate problems with smart technology. Check condition before and after repairs. Get proof of the quality of your service.

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Reliability Engineers

This can be your diagnostic tool of choose. Expend your technical capabilities and solve problems on the spot.

Customer Story
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Repair & Overhaul Shops

Check the quality of your repair before handing over the equipment to your clients. Analyse data yourself or ask an expert to help. No need for travel.

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OEM's for Rotating equipment

Use it as commissioning tool. Expend your services to clients. Equip you agents to investigate warranty issues. Link the problems and the experts remotely.

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Academic license

Accelerate vibration monitoring and analysis skills, the Academic License empowers you to fully customise signal processing settings and analyse the outcomes.

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Overall vibration meter



Portable vibration meter app that calculates acceleration, velocity and demodulation overall (RMS) values for 10 measurement points. Offers option to take picture of the machine and write notes. Provides velocity alarms as per ISO10860 standard. Sends email from the mobile device with simple vibration report attached.

list icon Android or iOS mobile app

list icon Instant vibration measurement

list icon On-the-spot vibration alarms

Field vibration analyser with cloud backup

Yearly Subscription

Filed analyser for on-the-spot analyses and diagnostic. Create machines and measurement points on the go. Analyse acceleration, velocity, demodulation and displacement spectra on the mobile or/and back in the office using just the web browser.

list icon VibeCheck functionalities

list icon Reporting

list icon Also collect photos, text and numerical data

list icon Save to cloud functionality

list icon In the Field vibration analyses

list icon Cloud backup for additional analysis

Full functionality vibration analysis system

Yearly Subscription

Comprehensive fully configurable route-based vibration measurement and analysis package. Includes mobile data collection app and full in the field and on the cloud analysis and management capabilities. Equipment is organised in hierarchy and has custom RMS and bend alarms, trends, single, multi spectra, multi point and waterfall plots and time waveform analysis options. Has analysis assistant and fault frequency setup capabilities. Incudes condition assessment and full reporting functionality.

list icon VibAnalyse functionalities

list icon Asset register & document library

list icon Database structure with copy and paste functionality

list icon In-depth vibration analysis & condition assessment

list icon Build, schedule and manage routes

list icon Advanced reporting

list icon Analysis assistant, band alarms and fault frequency setup

Note: to use any of this apps you will need to have compatible accelerometer and mobile device

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