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Vib Cloud is an affordable, fast and reliable vibration data collection and analysis solution.
Minimal initial capital, low running cost and minimum training required makes this product very attractive to maintenance and condition monitoring teams in small and large operations. The system consists of: vibration sensor, mobile application and web application.
Super-fast processing allows simultaneous collection and FFT calculation of acceleration, velocity and demodulation spectra as well as assessment and alarming using ISO 10816 directly on the mobile device. Vib Cloud has structured database and supports route and off route data collection, alarms and measurement setups, trending, analysis and reporting. Vibration, Images and location data can be collected among many other inspection parameter types.
To start utilising Vib Cloud all you need is Android 6+ mobile device with USB host (OTG) and approved vibration sensor.

Affordable, Fast, Reliable

  • Minimal initial capital and running cost
  • Scalable by adding devices as required
  • Fast data collection
  • Minimum training required
  • No in house IT support required

Vibration sensors

Vib Cloud is designed to work with a range of different accelerometers. Out of the box app supports Digiducer 333D01 USB Digital Accelerometer.


Mobile devices

Most of the Android mobile devices running Android 6.X or higher are supported. See list of tested devices.

phone app

Analysis station

Desktop, laptop or tablet device equipped with modern web browser and Internet connection is all you need. We recommend using Google Chrome Version 55+

desktop app


  1. 1 Structured database

  2. 2 Standard equipment templates

  3. 3 Equipment criticality

  4. 4 Condition status

  5. 5 Route based data collection

  6. 6 Alarms and limits

  7. 7 Condition dashboard

  8. 8 Analysis

  9. 9 Interactive map

  10. 10 Reporting

  11. 11 Secure access


    Signal Processing

  • High sampling rate, Filtering, Windowing, Averaging
  • Waveform recording
  • FFT Spectra : Acceleration, Velocity, Demodulation
  • Frequency range - up to 20 kHz
  • High resolution spectra - up to 12800 lines
  • RMS Alarms set up as per ISO 10816

    Mobile Device (Requirements)

  • Android 6.x+
  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Access to the Internet

    Desktop User (Requirements)

  • Modern web browser
  • Access to the Internet
  • user name and password

Business Benefits

Choose the right tool for you

icon Vib Cloud Meter

Vib Cloud Meter

Display FFT Spectra on the mobile device

  • Acceleration spectrum: 10KHz 3200Lines
  • Velocity spectrum: 1000Hz 1600lines
  • Demodulation spectrum: 1000Hz 1600lines (2Khz-10kHz band)
  • Acceleration recording / play back: 2sec recording
  • Zoom
  • Detect, Display and List 10 highest peaks
  • Display harmonics of each peak
  • Generate Report
Vib Cloud Meter icon arrow
icon Vib Cloud Field Analyser

Vib Cloud Field Analyser

Use standard Machine measurement templates

Collect data

  • Asset identification data (image, text)
  • Overall vibration values
  • Assess ISO alarms
  • FFT spectra

Analyse Data in the field (cursor)

Assess condition in the field

  • Record Findings and recommendation

Generate Field Report

Save and analyse data on the cloud

Coming Soon
icon Vib Cloud PRO

Vib Cloud PRO

Create Equipment hierarchy, criticality, measurement points, vibration analysis sets, measurement templates, limits and alarms

Manage and schedule all data collection with Routes

Support Collection of:

  • Vibration
  • Images
  • Numerical parameters
  • Locations (GPS)
  • Text

Web Data analysis

Web Reporting


Vib Cloud PRO